Artist: Gary Hou

Curator: WforWee Inc.

Organizer: Bar Pa Tea

As a creative initiative to bridge food and art, Bar Pa Tea collaborated with New York based artist  and  designer,  Gary  Hou  to  produce a collection  celebrating  their  first  winter  in SoHo.  Inspired  by  Bar  Pa  Tea’s  multifaceted flavors,  Hou  found  his  medium  in  silver mirrored  acrylic  as  a  means  to  reflect  the curiosity  of  Bar  Pa Tea's  reimagined  bubble tea  culture. The mirrored pieces are deliberately  interactive,  capturing within the artwork  that  beloved  moment in which a guest can indulge their cozy winter pastime of a good cup of tea.



Bachelor of Science Industrial Design, Wentworth Institute of Technology.


Gary has set his foundations working with wood for over 20 years and has spent the past 13 years working in a machine shop creating projects out of multiple materials.

Gary is a designer, model maker, fabricator, consultant, and educator.

He is mechanically driven in his designs and sees function slightly over form.

His main focus is wood working and specializes in wood related craft project, but also has experience in other materials such as cardstocks, plastics, metals, etc.

Favorite choice of tool is small profile stainless steel snap off utility knife.


To collaborate with us in the future, please contact us through with "Art Collaboration" in the subject line.