Title: Passport to Taiwan

Artist: Fang Yi Chu

Fang Yi Chu is a visual artist and multi-disciplinary designer based in New York City. Having background of engineering and master degree of Pratt Communication Design, She combines a unique blend of creative intuition and logical perspective. She likes dancing, but laying down on the floor as well. She likes simplicity but also complexity. She likes to think of design as a tool to solve problems, but doesn’t think it should be limited to it.

The art direction of Passport to Taiwan 2019 is based on various Taiwanese elements, which bring out the tropical festival vibe and also provide visual hints that remind people to those ordinary but precious impressions of Taiwan. With Taiwanese illustrator Ming Hsuan’s cooperation, the visual identity is enriched by more levels of colors and brushes. 

The aesthetics of art works for Bar Pa Tea are consistent with the event’s branding but having a different concept. The art works are showing happiness and dynamic energy, illustrating the moment when you sip a bubble and feel fantastic




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Patea Bubble