Patrick Yeh - The founder of Bar Pa Tea

Patrick Yeh - The founder of Bar Pa Tea


Native to Taiwan, Patrick Yeh always had a penchant for bubble tea. Even after his move to New York, the whimsy of his favorite childhood drink never quite left him.

As years passed and Patrick took on his new role of parent, he realized that the classic bubble tea could use some tweaks. While working as a shipping industry salesman, Patrick took classes on the side to customize and perfect his drink of choice.

From there, an idea was hatched.

Patrick took whatever spare time he had to pursue his new project, and his kitchen became a lab for experimenting with new ingredients and concoctions. 

In 2013, Patrick opened Pa Tea (a play on the word “party”) in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown and was soon joined by another location in Union Square. In 2017, he opened sister store Bar Pa Tea in Nolita, focusing on a more natural approach to the popular drink.